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Equine Journal - June 2016

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Eventing Nation - "Lexi Scovil Ready to Attack 2016" - March 2016



USEA: United States Eventing Association - "Intercollegiate Eventing Spotlight: Columbus State University" - January 2016



USEA: United States Eventing Association - "Auburn Eventing Team Balances Competition with Class Time" - January 2016



Top Agent Magazine: Georgia Edition - October 2015



Horse Canada - "Cocks vs Feather Dusters" - September 2015


The Chronicle of the Horse - "The Pint-Sized Paint As You Wish Has Made Dreams Come True" - June 2015



Eventing Nation - "Meet the 2015 Area III NAJYRC Teams" - June 2015

Mikensey_5466Mikensey_5466Mikensey Johansen and Exterminator


The Chronicle of the Horse - "Ringside Chat: Jon Holling Is Back In The Tack And Winning" - June 2015


Eventing Nation - "Leslie Law Holds Poplar CIC3* Lead, Jordan Linstedt Takes Over Advanced" - March 2015


PoplarCIC3StarStadium_5268PoplarCIC3StarStadium_5268 PoplarCIC3StarStadium_5284PoplarCIC3StarStadium_5284 PoplarCIC3StarStadium_5292PoplarCIC3StarStadium_5292 PoplarCIC3StarStadium_5297PoplarCIC3StarStadium_5297