Lively Manor Photography | Cross Country in Beautiful Sunshine

Cross Country in Beautiful Sunshine

January 24, 2016  •  1 Comment

Today's weather was much more pleasant. We started the day with lots of ice in the water complexes, but ended it with enjoyable sunshine! Thank you to everyone at Poplar for a great last show and to Erin Chalmers for shooting with me today! Here are some XC highlights.

x04Baker_4984x04Baker_4984 x02MoreiradaSilva_5896ex02MoreiradaSilva_5896e x43Johansen_5688x43Johansen_5688 x57Geven_6265ex57Geven_6265e x47McNamara_5775x47McNamara_5775 x26Aurillo_6016ex26Aurillo_6016e x57Geven_5849x57Geven_5849 x77Moffett_5997x77Moffett_5997 x92Naughton_6107x92Naughton_6107


Katrina S. Willey(non-registered)
Much obliged to you for sharing these photos.
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